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Running: Pixelmon Reforged

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March Update!

PixelmonChampion tag posted Mar 6, 18

Hello everyone Its Ozzy here introducing the new March Update!This update includes
several changes and new additions! We are also having a 10% sale in celebration this new update!                      (More mini updates will happen throughout the month) wink
           So here are the changes/additions:




Hello, there fellow Champs! It's Ozzy here and I'm here today to Welcome you guys/gals to the Grand Re-Opening

of PixelChamps Sinnoh! To commemorate this special occasion we will be having a 20% off sale! Now Champs

get out there and explore the region of Sinnoh! smile

Hello there trainers! I'm Ozzy :)(aka PixelmonChampion) and I am here to welcome you to  
========== PixelChamps Sinnoh! ==========
We are an Adventure Server (running Pixelmon Reforged!) with many different features and activities for both casual players and competitive players. Our Region is based on the  Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Games! The server will be Re-Opening sometime in late January. We are working on so many awesome new things!  We have many features which are down below!

Remodeled Twinleaf Town!

Some notable features of whats to come:
- NPC Gyms/NPC E4
- Exact Pixelmon Spawns From Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! (With a few rare pokes thrown in;))
- Somewhat Exact Trainer Spawns(Some trainers may have been moved around!)
- A Working Daycare! (A new unique layout!)
- City/Town Warps!
- /IVS and /EVS for the casual player!
- Mystery Gift Events!
- Vote Crate and other crates!(With Chances at legends!)
- Wondertrade
- A Casino
Shadow Pokemon/Pokerus Pokemon!
- Different and unique new areas! :rolleyes:
Upcoming Features:

- Battle Frontier
- Quests{This includes immersive side quests!}, The Diamond/Pearl Story

Our TechnicPack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelchamps-sinnoh.1154483
Discord: https://discord.gg/BZUdSs2
Server Ip:

ShibleXD Super hyped to try out the server once it goes up :d
Greg2000525 tag These is going to be huge and personally I am excited to be part of this server.
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